Pre-application planning process

Checklist for appointing a designer
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Planners should signpost this checklist to anyone interested in moving forward with a shared transport scheme that will require a formal pre-application enquiry process.

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Please note that not all applications will require a formal pre-application process. CoMoUK are available to offer advice on each scheme prior to engaging in a pre-application process.
Typically, planning departments welcome pre-application enquiries and there is merit, from the applicant’s point of view, in engaging with the planners at an early stage in the design process.

To establish if a shared transport scheme is valid in a planning context, organisations may wish to undertake a pre-application enquiry with the local authority planning department.

Additional information
For an enquiry, applicants will be required to present the planner with the relevant level of information to allow a considered and reasonable pre-application assessment.
The following checklist has been prepared to allow the applicants an understanding of the level of information required by the planner.
CoMoUK advise that the information should be compiled and delivered by a planning professional (planning consultant or architect) and that the pre-application process should also be handled by the designer.
The checklist is therefore best used to establish scope of works for the designer, so that a fee quote for their services can be best understood.
The planning professional will be best placed to advise on the validity of the inputs listed and may suggest changes due to the nature or scale of the shared transport scheme.
CoMoUK is happy to advise organisations on any proposed changes prior to them agreeing an appointment with the designer.

Pre-Application Checklist

Site plan showing shared transport provision and public transport interchange
Car parking offset calculation (where an EV car club is available) to justify parking layout
Place standards tool summary document
Draft transport assessment (where applicable – for mid-to-large schemes where there is impact on existing transport infrastructure)
Draft design statement
Elevations if appropriate (can be sketch level)
Site sections if appropriate (can be sketch level)

Additional information

The pre-application process will involve the appointed designer submitting the relevant information listed above to the local authority by email.
The response process can vary, but is typically a telephone conversation or return email.
Points raised by the planner should be incorporated into the scheme before full application. Where necessary, discussions can take place with planners to find alternative strategies or solutions.
The shared transport elements of the scheme should be clearly identified in the site plan and clearly described in the draft transport assessment document.
The draft design statement should outline the design aspirations of the shared transport element of the scheme.
Some local authorities charge for the pre-application process. Please consult the relevant local authority planning department website for applicable fees. Timescales vary for response times and should also be stated on the website. Typically, 20 working days would be a minimum for initial return comments from the planner.
It should be noted that, as the information is to be submitted by email, it should be of an appropriate size for attaching.
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